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Slideout Live Recordings:
Cueplay 2012 classics Leeds, United Kingdom
Premonition 2012 Plymouth, United Kingdom
Australia Tour 2011
Melbourne, Australia
2010 Bridgwater, United Kingdom
Nature One 2010 classics Raketenbasis Pydna, Germany Youtube Playlist / Liveset
Project Storm 2010 Oxford, United Kingdom
Bass Kandy 2009 Hereford, United Kingdom
Bionic 2008 Cardiff, Wales
Australia Tour 2007 Sydney & Melbourne, Australia Youtube Playlist
Atmosphere 2005 Seaton (Taunton), United Kingdom

Atmosphere 2006 Seaton (Taunton), United Kingdom





 Australia Tour '2007
Australia Tour '2011

 Diverse Gigs International

 Diverse Festivals (Q-Base, X-Qlusive, Digital Circus, Hard Dance Ibiza 2011)
 Nature One 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Airbeat One 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

 Atmosphere UK
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

 Time Tunnel 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009




Early Days









DJ Slideout - Bloody Pimp (Face Off E.P.)
Vinyl released on Überdruck Records. The release ranked #1 on UK hard dance sales charts for months.
It received global appreciation. Bloody Pimp appears in over 250 clips on youtube. (30.000.000 clicks)


Lengo - Life In X
Vinyl released on (UK)

Licenced to

D.Trance (PIAS Germany)



Lady Tom - Into My Mind
Vinyl released on Deep Mission. The Vinyl went #1 on Music Mail sales charts in the first week.
"Into My Mind" was licenced to 23 CD compilations. Later released is a remix edition incl
>>Derb Remix.

Licenced to

Ministry Of Sound Australia,

Impart Belgium  and

D-Techno (DJs Present / PIAS)

Mike Phobos - Hard And Holy / Bass Down (DJ Slideout Remix)
Vinyl released on Lengo Records.

Licenced to

Central Station (Australia),

Sheer (South Africa)


Tidy (UK)


DJ Overdog - Ready (DJ Slideout Remix)
Vinyl released on Tracid Traxxx, (label of
>>Kai Tracid)

Licenced to

Central Station (Australia),

Tunnel Trance Force (Sony)  and

D.Trance (PIAS)

LaCargo - Rebase
Vinyl released on
>>Deep Mission.
Rebase was licensed to various CD compilations.

Licenced to

Hardstyle (Sony Holland),

Defqon.1 (Q-Dance Holland)  and

Dark Trance (Edel Rec.)

Wavegenerator - Zycho (DJ Slideout Remix)
Vinyl released on Upbeat Records.
The DJ Slideout Remix was played several times by
>>Paul Van Dyk.


DJ Slideout - Revenge EP
Vinyl released on Wicked Tunes (a label of Music Mail Germany)

Licenced to

USM (South Africa),

Warner Switzerland  and

DJ Networx (Tunnel / Sony Germany).



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